Does Your Yakima, WA Yard Need Some Polish?

Does Your Yakima, WA Yard Need Some Polish?

Call Roots Nursery & Landscape for All Your Hardscaping Needs

What is hardscaping?
Hardscaping is brick, concrete, stonework, and other permanent or durable structures that are seen within landscaping. Our expert team in Yakima, WA includes artisans that are skilled in many trades while excelling at remodeling and designing to provide that well-balanced outdoor living experience.

What makes us different?
• We know when to pave vs. pouring a slab
• We always keep aesthetic in mind
• We provide you with the smallest payout with the best quality!
• We have a large variety of options for paving

Transform Your Yard to Match Your Style

Let Roots Nursery & Landscape create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy. Hardscaping is more than just adding in stone walls.

With hardscaping design services, we can:
•Construct retaining walls to define your landscape definition.
•Use pavers to define sidewalks or walking paths.
•Provide you with a place to entertain around a fire pit.