Water You Waiting For? Purchase Landscaping Supplies Today!

Water You Waiting For? Purchase Landscaping Supplies Today!

Roots Nursery Nursery & Landscape of Yakima, WA has products for homeowners and landscaping contractors

You mentally prepare for a productive day of yardwork. Then you realize you're out of the gardening essentials. Come and rake through the aisles at Roots Nursery & Landscape. We track down the industry's leading products and preferred brands so you don't have to. We have the landscape, irrigation, and pond supplies that you need to get your project completed. We also have pottery at a variety of price points to add interest and beauty to your plans.

Sometimes our landscape projects become beyond our experience or are consuming too much of our time. When this happens you can call Roots Nursery & Landscape at (509)966-0698 to bring in the specialists. Our maintenance, design, construction, install, and irrigation professionals can help you.

You’ve heard that irrigation makes a huge difference, but you have yet to aerate your Yakima yard. Here are a few reasons to take advantage of irrigation installation services from Roots Nursery & Landscape:

  1. High-traffic lawns suffer from soil compaction – if your children and pets love to run around, your yard needs extra TLC.
  2. Patchy, brown grass is an eyesore – if you’re putting your home on the market, the exterior needs to measure up to buyer expectations.
  3. Excess debris is unhealthy – your grass needs access to oxygen and nutrients, so call Roots for your irrigation system.

Proactively protect your property from landscaping nightmares. Roots Nursery & Landscape is always happy to help.